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7 October 2013

LIFE | Moving to University.

fresher face | view from my bedroom window

Double en-suite bedroom in halls (photos taken prior to sorting where all my stuff was going/tidying)

(phone photos really set the tone of how little time I've had lately. Sorry.)



It has been a little while since I last had the time to post. As you likely guessed, I moved to Falmouth university at the end of September and since then everything has been spinning. Tucked up on my family home's sofa (having returned home for recovery), I am now poorly with the flu that everyone seems to have since returning from our caravan based photography study trip during our second week of freshers. Breathing is something to never be unappreciated. I always do, until my asthma flares and reminds me not to.

I can't say my halls' room is humble, as I know our accommodation is quite a luxury in comparison to some other universities I had previously visited. I have a double en-suite bedroom and a kitchen shared between 7 with a little view and a sun trapped room. It is also helpful that I'm only a stones throw away from both the on campus cafe (who happen to supply take-out pizza), the porter's lodge (good for issues and collecting post) and the university itself.

Aged 24, I am enjoying the little experiences that spot each day as it rolls in, but I'd be lieing if I didn't air that I do retain my concerns. Concerns wrestled aside, I'm taking each day as it comes and enjoying what has been within reach so far. Hoping when I return, minus sickness, that I'll settle into a better routine with the course, the people and other outside variables as organisation so far has not been keen on me! Falmouth has treated me well, so I plan to do the same in return.

(finally got instagram!)


  1. I hope everything is going well with the move it's such a huge step moving away for Uni! X


  2. Your room is awesome for a university room! I'm lucky where I study I can just stay at home where I was already living but if I did have to move away I'd definitely want a room like yours! Hope you're feeling better soon :)

    Debra Bros Blog

  3. Good luck! Your room looks lovely I must say, damn that desk! I'm doing a short design course soon and viewed my room last week, it's not as sweet as yours but I think you make what you can of your surroundings! How is it going so far?